The White Party Experience: It’s all about YOU.

white wonder

White parties have been happening all over the world for decades, and White Wonderland is America’s first exclusively dance music only white party! At White Wonderland, YOU, the fan, are a part of the overall experience by dressing up to the theme in all white. We encourage you to be creative with your attire to help us create a truly white Wonderland festival.

Fans who are not dressed according to the white dress code may be turned away. All attendees’ attire will be checked at the door for entry.

Tips for Dressing Up

• White Attire: Plain white collared shirts, T-shirts, dresses, tops, suits, blazers, ties
• Pants/Shorts: White pants, shorts or leggings/tights
• Silver & Gold Accents: Great! But outfit should be predominantly white.
• Shoes: Try your best to wear white or light colored shoes.
• Accessories/Jewelry: Watches, necklaces, bracelets or other jewelry items should be white, glitter, sparkles, but may incorporate other colors so long as white is the most prominent color of the entire outfit.

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