Venice Events and Festivals Calendar

Leading magazines for upcoming Venice festivals and events are regularly published and there are weekly event guides that are readily available.

They contain up-to-date listings of events throughout Italy, with a focus on Venice and are aimed specifically at tourists and visitors.

These magazines are a useful source for shopping, dining and entertainment – providing you with a huge choice of things to see and do in Venice, Italy.


National Public Holidays


  • 1st January – New Year’s Day
  • 6th January – Epiphany
  • Early April – Easter Monday
  • 25th April – Liberation Day and St. Mark’s Feast Day
  • 1st May – Labour Day
  • 29th June – Local Feast Day
  • 15th August – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • 1st November – All Saints’ Day
  • 8th December – Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • 24th December – Christmas Eve
  • 25th December – Christmas Day
  • 26th December – Boxing Day / St. Stephen’s Day




  • New Year’s Day – festivities on the beach at the Lido
  • Regatta delle Befane – 6th January, this is the first of more than 100 regattas on the lagoon throughout the year




  • Bacanal del Gnoco – 11th February, a traditional masked procession in Verona, with masked balls held in town squares
  • Carnevale – probably the most major event held in Venice. Venetians wear spectacular costumes and masks during this week-long party in the run up to Ash Wednesday




  • La Vecia – mid-lent, where Gardone and Gargnano on Lake Garda host festivals and an image of a woman is burnt on a bonfire, remembering the past ‘Hag Trials’ that were held in medieval times




  • Festa di San Marco – 25th April , the feast day of the city’s patron saint, when men are supposed to give their loved ones a bunch of roses. There is also a gondoliers’ regatta and the Lion of St. Mark’s golf championship




  • Festa della Sparesca – 1st May, this regatta and festival is held on the Cavillino in the lagoon
  • Festa Medioevale del vino Soave Bianco Soave – 5th May, medieval-style celebrations of the appointment of Castillan of Suavia, including historical processions, music in the town square and theatrical performances
  • Vogalonga – this popular rowing regatta has over 3,000 participants, rowing a 32 km / 20 mile route from the Bacino di San Marco up to Burano and back down the Grand Canal via Cannaregio
  • Vapollicellore – 8th May, festival of local wine in Cellore, with many displays and exhibitions
  • Festa della Sensa – second Sunday of May, this is the Feast of Ascension, with regattas taking place on the Lido
  • Palio delle Quattro Antiche Repubbliche Marinare – late May, the former maritime republics of Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice take turns to host the very colourful and historic annual ‘Regatta of the Four Ancient Maritime Republics’




  • Serenissima – first Saturday in June, this event is a fast, offshore Grand Prix motorboat race
  • Sagra di Sant’Antonio – 13th June, the Feast of St. Anthony is celebrated in Prato della Valle with a lively fair
  • Biennale – to September, this is the world’s largest exhibition of contemporary art and runs every other year, in odd-numbers years
  • Regatta di Santi Giovanni e Paolo – third Sunday in June, a traditional sailing regatta in Carole
  • Sagra di San Pietro in Castello – last weekend of June, this busy, local festival includes music, drinking and eating at the steps of the church that used to be Venice’s cathedral
  • Marciliana – late June, this medieval pageant commemorates the siege of Chioggia by Genoa in 1380 and also includes rowing and archery events
  • Venezia Biennale – to November, this major international exhibition of audio arts take place every even-numbered year in the Giardini Pubblici and first started in 1895




  • Festa del Redentore – third weekend, the Feast of Redeemer is marked by a large regatta on the Grand Canal, and fireworks
  • Opera Festival – to September, a festival of music, dance, drama and opera, in the Roman Arena and churches
  • Shakespeare Festival – celebrating the works of this world-famous playwright
  • Sardella al Pal del Vo – 22nd July, moonlit sardine fishing on Lake Garda at Pal del Vo, with illuminated boats. The catch is cooked and eaten immediately




  • Village Festivals – during August, there are many local summer festivals throughout Veneto, often including boat races and fireworks
  • Palio di Feltre – first week in August, feasts, horse races and medieval games commemorate Feltre’s inclusion into the Venetian empire
  • Festa dell’Assunta – 6th to 14th August, a truly spectacular nine-day celebration in Treviso, with dance, music, poetry, entertainment and many competitions
  • Mostra del Cinema di Venezia – late August / early September, the large Venice International Film Festival is held annually at the Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido and is the city’s version of Cannes




  • Regatta Storica – first Sunday in September, this historic gondola race first took place in 1274 and starts at Castello
  • Vivaldi Festival – this is a popular festival of contemporary music
  • Partita a Scacchi – second weekend in September, a human chess game is played in medieval costume in the chequerboard main square at Maròstica
  • Palio dei Dieci Comuni – a pageant and horse race celebrates the liberation of the town of Montagnana




  • Venice Marathon – this race is enjoyed by crowds of spectators
  • Bardolino Grape Festival – first Sunday in October, the festival is held to celebrate the harvest
  • Festa di Mosto – first weekend in October, the Feast of the Must on Sant’Erasmo, where grapes are still pressed by foot




  • St. Martin’s Day – a popular fair in the streets of the city
  • Festa della Madonna della Salute – 21st November, this procession over a bridge of boats across the Grand Canal to the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute gives thanks for the end of the great plague in 1631




  • Opera and Ballet – to January, this time of year is the opera and ballet season at La Fenicee and Teatro Goldoni
  • St. Stephen’s Day – December 26th, many Venetians visit nativity scenes in churches throughout Venice on this public holiday
  • New Year’s Eve – December 31st, masses are celebrated in churches and traditionally, broken crockery is tossed from balconies. There are also many parties and general celebrations