Looking for an expertly poured cocktail in New York City? These New York City cocktail bars serve up classic cocktails, as well as contemporary cocktail creations with skill and flare around New York City. You might also want to check out our list of Classic New York Bars for some other great ideas.

1. Pegu Club

Audrey Saunders’ SoHo cocktail mecca is famous for attention to detail, rejection of vodka and superbly mixed cocktails. Several of Saunders’ own creations are available, including the Gin-Gin Mule, Tantris Sidecar and Earl Grey MarTEAni. The eponymous cocktail, the Pegu Club, features dry gin, orange bitters, and orange curacao. Asian-inspired small plates served til 1 am.

  • Address: 77 West Houston Street (Wooster and West Broadway)
  • Phone: 212-473-PEGU
  • Prices: Cocktails $12, Champagne Cocktails $16

2. Flatiron Lounge

Opened in 2003, the Flatiron Lounge successfully mimics a 1920s speakeasy atmosphere with the original 1927 bar, jazz music, art deco styling and an array of classic cocktails. Flatiron Originals include unique cocktails like the Hibiscus Swizzle, Lychee & Lemongrass Fizz and Cherry Smash for those seeking contemporary comforts. The nightly flight features 3 mini-cocktails with a central theme or ingredient.

  • Address: 37 West 19 Street
  • Phone: 212-727-7741
  • Prices: cocktails $12, flights $18

3. Employees Only

Walk past the fortune teller and grab a seat at the bar to experience the skillful bartending action upclose at Employees Only. Creative and delicious signature drinks reflect the seasons and the expert bartenders can mix up just about any classic cocktail as well. Watching the bartenders meticulously chill glasses, stir drinks and even taste before serving is nearly as fun as enjoying the cocktail itself. Dinner menu available.

  • Address: 510 Hudson Street
  • Phone: 212-242-3021
  • Prices: cocktails $12

4. Brandy Library

Warm lighting, wood paneling and leather chairs create a gentlemen’s club-like atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean women aren’t welcome at this TriBeCa establishment dedicated to fine spirits. 300 brandies, 240 single malt scotches, 35 aged rums and 100 classic cocktails are on offer to quench any thirst you may have.

  • Address: 25 North Moore Street (Varick St.)
  • Phone: 212-226-5545
  • Prices: cocktails $13+

5. Angel’s Share

Angel’s Share is certainly not the easiest bar to find — you’ll have to walk through a Japanese restaurant to get there. As long as you’re with a small group (no parties of more than 4, and no standing in the bar area) you’ll be pleased by the delicious, artfully poured cocktails and relaxing atmosphere. Japanese style bar snacks, including sashimi and sausages are top notch.

  • Address: 8 Stuyvesant Street (2nd/3rd)
  • Phone: 212-777-5415
  • Prices: cocktails $13+