Camel racing

A trip to the camel races arranged during the winter months could prove very memorable for visitors to Dubai. The race tracks located on the fringe of the city, hosts races that are exciting, apart from offering a village fair atmosphere around the track with vendors selling rugs, beads, blankets and several other rural wares. The trainers speedily follow the races in the four-wheel drives. Camel rides are often a part of tours and desert safaris. If required, tour operators also arrange separate camel rides for visitors.

Creek Tours

A tour of the creek through a traditional wooden-chow or cabin Cruiser could be another imaginative way of seeing Dubai. Several major landmarks of Dubai can be viewed from the waterway. There are daytime or evening cruises, apart from food and beverages provided on board.

Desert Safaris/ Feasts

The Desert Safaris in Dubai are popular among visitors and are organized as part of group tour, and offer taste of true heart of land of Arabia. Visitors can enjoy the tranquility of the desert in half-day, full-day and overnight safaris. Visitors enjoy the the desert trip as much, as they culminate with spectacular sunset views in the evening, followed by a traditional Arabian barbecue enjoyed under the stars, thereafter. The evenings can further be fun-packed with music, belly dancing, smoking of hubble-bubble popes and display of falconry.

Helicopter Tours

Those with love for heights can opt for helicopter tours and tour the whole city.


Wadi Thrills

Wild Wadi is a fun-filled Waterpark located amidst the world’s most luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach hotel. The Wadi waterpark is the only Arabian-themed water park in the UAE. The park offers a range of thrilling rides from lazy river to extreme flowriders, to the daring Jumeirah Sceirah, which is also the tallest speed slide outside North America. Wadi offers about 30 or more such rides and attractions.

Dubai Zoo

Being home to more than 230 different species of animals, the Dubai zoo is a favorite among families and tourists alike. Located adjacent to the Jumeirah Beach, the zoo is the oldest of its kind in Middle East. The zoo is home to several endangered species like Barbary sheep, Siberian and Bengal tigers, Socotra Cormorants, Arabian wolves and gorillas.

Fishing in Dubai

Dubai is a favourite spot for fishing enthusiasts. Dubai has already played host to numerous renowned mariners and sea fishing enthusiasts. Deep sea fishing is an exciting activity pursued in the waters of Dubai, and is a true blend of fun with adventure. The warm Arabian Gulf waters teemed with fish life, makes Dubai an ideal place for beginners and professional anglers alike.

Deep Sea Fishing is also one of the most popular outdoor activities in Dubai, particularly for those who love to be out on the water. It is a simple adventure that lures tourists from all corners of the globe. If you are such a personality, you could opt to go on an open fishing trip, and fish for fluke, bluefish, flounder, striped bass, blackfish, porgy, and even weakfish. Baracuda, sherry, sultan ibrahim, hamour, small shark, king fish and corbia are few other fishes that can be caught during deep sea fishing… read more fishing information

Encounter Zone

The family-friendly Encounter Zone is located in Wafi City Mall and is the right place to explore the Crystal Maze, to ride an indoor roller coaster, to be horrified in a horror chamber, and to indulge in fun activities for kids of all ages.

Magic Planet

Located at the Deira City Centre, this fun land includes several rides and attractions make it a must-visit for kids of all ages. Being the Middle East’s largest such indoor complex, the Magic Planet offers a collection of arcade games, Clarence Camel’s Adventure Zone, a carousel, a bowling alley, miniature golf course.

Splash Land

Surrounding 20 hectares of fun water activities, the Dubai Splashland is a favorite among kids of all ages. The huge fun park has several waterslides, bumper boats, log flume, and even an inner tube hire. After the fun-filled activities at the park, one could visit the Carribbean-style main street area, for relaxing at a café, or ice cream parlour, or visit a gift shop.


Visitors who are more adventurous and enthusiastic can enjoy sand skiing down the dunes of Dubai desert. Special skiis are used and high dunes in the interior of the desert are chosen as slopes. Sand Skiing can be arranged based on request, or as part of half-day or full-day safari.

Dubai Ice Rink

The Olympic-size ice rink boasts of world-class amenities, and the visitors can chase their dreams whether it is learning skating, or perfecting their technique, or playing ice hockey. It is also a great place to just socialize with friends who share similar interests and this venue is open any time of the year.

Dubai Dolphinarium

It is the first fully air-conditioned indoor Dolphinarium in the Middle East, with a seating capacity of 1350. Visitors can also swim with four dolphins if they wish. They are offered two types of sessions to choose from – mixed and private. In a private session, the visitors can spend as much time as they wish with the dolphins on paying a requisite fee. Mixed sessions, however, require maximum of 6 people to swim with 4 dolphins

Dubai Aquarium

Being the world’s largest aquarium window, the Dubai Aquarium displays huge Sand Tiger Sharks, giant Groupers, graceful Stingrays and shoals of pelagic fish.

Beach Parks

Dubai has several beach parks including the Al Mamzar beach park, Jumeirah beach park, and Creekside park to name a few. While Al Mamzar park has four pristine beaches, two swimming pools, children playground, fresh water showers and picnic areas to offers, the Jumeirah beach park is known for its large lawned areas and beautiful gardens. The Creekside Park offers barbecue sites, amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 1200, an 18-hole mini golf course, 2 restaurants, several kiosks for refreshments, walking and jogging tracks and exit points for abras.

Shopping Tours

Specialized shopping tours introduce visitors to souks and major shopping areas in Dubai and even adjacent Sharjah. But, such shopping tours are recommended particularly to tourists who have limited time to spend in Dubai. Else, visitors can organize their own shopping expeditions.

Other places to visit in UAE

A visit to the northern emirates of Dubai is also equally interesting, and several tour companies accommodate even the emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain in their package. Among the main attractions here are the Sharjah souks, Ajman’s palace museum and the dhow building yards, and the fertile agricultural area of Falaj Al Mualla at Umm Al Quwain. As for Ras Al Khaimah, it is an ancient seaport that extends into the Gulf, along the northern most tip of the UAE, opposite Bandar Abbas in Iran. The picturesque museum, and the natural beauty in the emirate, coupled with interesting archaeological sites, makes it a must visit place in UAE.