If the name “New York” brings to mind images of skyscrapers, Broadway, subways, and round-the-clock activity, what you’re really thinking about is New York City. But there’s much more to New York than the fabulous city at the mouth of the Hudson River.

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Arts and Culture

New York State just may lead the country when it comes to arts and culture. New York City stands tall with its outstanding museums, performing arts venues, and a melting pot of cultures. But having such a great city on the state’s pedestal is infectious, and the rest of the state rises to the challenge: outside the city are countless eclectic and fascinating museums, exciting festivals and performances, and cultural experiences unlike those in any other state. From museums on baseball, glass, and contemporary art, to Broadway plays, opera performances, and chamber music festivals, it’s all here, there, and everywhere around the state.

Parks and Nature

From Niagara Falls in the northwest corner of the state to the tip of the South Fork of Long Island lies a rich, diverse body of parks and unspoiled wilderness. In the north and central sections, breathtaking trails weave their way through mountains, forests, spectacular cliff-side views, and equally spectacular water spectacles. Toward the south are more mountains and rivers leading to Long Island, where you can soak up the sun on the many ocean beaches that span its shores. You won’t need to look far to find a bounty of outdoor experiences here. Your only challenge is finding the time to do it all.

Food and Wine

One of the first things you’ll discover as you drive around the state is the variety of cuisine. And it’s not just in New York City, either. From the Hudson Valley to the towns of central New York, restaurants creating different takes from local specialties abound. Chefs from all around the state pick through the variety of homegrown ingredients at markets in nearly every town. New York City is no different. Three times a week, growers bring their finest to the famous Union Square market. And that’s just the food. New York State also produces some of the best wines in the country. The Finger Lakes region has its pinot noirs, chardonnays, and cabernets, and the North Fork of Long Island yields pinot gris, viogniers, and malbecs, among others. For your next New York meal, savor the whole experience.


New York’s heritage goes back to the 17th century, when traders brought their wares up and down the Hudson River from the port of New York City. With such a natural harbor and waterway, it didn’t take long for a flood of immigrants to move into this natural trading and transportation mecca, and the spread of the state’s diverse culture began. From Revolutionary War sites and history museums to Gilded Age mansions and stately monuments, the state is a living embodiment of American history. Nowhere is this evolution of people and culture displayed more poignantly than at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, an experience not to be missed.