At the Fonda Gaig the food is very traditionally Catalan, like that at Petit Comité, in a return to grandmotherly Catalan basics.

Carles Gaig and a growing number of top chefs are going back to simpler and more affordable food.

Gaig’s traditional pastas are legendary: slender cannelloni with a decadent multimeat filling, and macarrones del cardenal, silky pasta tubes cloaked in a divine sauce of cream and onion sofrito under gratinéed Parmesan.

Look for standards such as botifarra amb mongetes de ganxet (sausage with white beans) or canelons de l’Avia (Grandmother’s cannelloni) or pollastre de gratapallers a la casssola (stewed free-range chicken).

An interpretation of the traditional Catalan cuisine that has made Carles Gaig synonymous with top Barcelona dining since 1869, this new enterprise is making a place for itself in Barcelona’s continous evolving cuisine.

A great destination for a long lunch or dinner, very relaxed, very Catalan and in a super comfortable ample dining room,  with red leather armchairs, careful soundproofing and mellow lighting.

Fonda Gaig

Address : Carrer Còrsega, 200
Zip code : 08036
City : Barcelona – Spain
Area : Eixample left
Email :
Website : Fonda Gaig – Barcelona
Opening hours : Closed on Sunday night
Prices : 35 – 45 euros + wine
Phone : 934 53 20 20

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35 - 45 euros + wine