Their cuisine might be getting lighter, but the French aren’t ready to relinquish their cheese. Some restaurants present a single, lovingly selected slice, whereas the more prestigious restaurants wheel in a trolley of specimens aged on the premises. Cheese always comes after the main course and before—or instead of—dessert.

wine and cheese

Among the best bistros for cheese are Astier, where a giant basket of oozy wonders is brought to the table, and Le Comptoir, where a dazzling cheese platter is part of the five-course prix-fixe dinner, or Bistro Paul Bert, where an overflowing cheese board is left on your table for you to help yourself. A few bars à fromages are springing up, too: devoted to cheese the way bars à vins are dedicated to wine. Fromagerie Cantin (12 rue du Champ de Mars 01-45-50-43-94 is a terrific example.

Armed with these phrases, you can wow the waiter and work your way through the most generous platter.

Avez-vous le Beaufort d’été? Do you have summer Beaufort?

Beaufort is similar to Gruyère, and the best Beaufort is made with milk produced in summer, when cows eat fresh grass. Aged Beaufort is even more reminiscent of a mountain hike.

Je voudrais un chèvre bien frais/bien sec. I’d like a goat cheese that’s nice and fresh/nice and dry.

France produces many goat cheeses, some so fresh they can be scooped with a spoon, some tough enough to use as doorstops. It’s a matter of taste, but hard-core cheese eaters favor drier specimens, which stick to the roof of the mouth and have a frankly goaty aroma.

C’est un St-Marcellin de vache ou de chèvre? Is this St-Marcellin made with cow’s or goat’s milk?

St-Marcellin is a more original choice than ubiquitous crottin de chèvre (poetically named after goats’ turds). Originally a goat cheese, today it’s more often made with cow’s milk. The best have an oozy center, though some like it dry as a hockey puck.

C’est un Brie de Meaux ou de Melun? Is this Brie from Meaux or Melun?

There are many kinds of Brie. Brie de Meaux is the best known, with a smooth flavor and runny center; the much rarer Brie de Melun is more pungent and saltier.

Je n’aime pas le Camembert industriel! I don’t like industrial Camembert!

Camembert might be a national treasure, but most of it is industrial. Real Camembert has a white rind with rust-color streaks and a yellow center.

Avez-vous de la confiture pour accompagner ce brebis? Do you have any jam to go with this sheep’s cheese?

In the Basque region berry jam is the traditional accompaniment for sharp sheep’s-milk cheeses like Ossau-Iraty.

C’est la saison du Mont d’Or. It’s Mont d’Or season.

This potent mountain cheese, also known as Vacherin, is produced only from September to March. It’s so runny it’s eaten with a spoon.