Here is the overview of the Moscow nightclub scene so you’ll get the general idea. I’ll be writing about the places that right now attract the best Moscow crowd. All of these Moscow nightlife venues can be divided into two key groups.

The first group includes three top Moscow night clubs: Soho Rooms, Imperia Lounge, Krysha Mira. The table fee starts here at about 1.5-3 thousand Euros. The door policy is strict, the ladies are beautiful and the cars parked in front are high class.

The second group includes bars which are rather new for the Moscow’s nightlife scene. The bars I’m talking about are the ones that function more like night clubs rather than regular bars, so they can be referred to as night bars. Typically, these bars bring a little more relaxed atmosphere than the regular clubs.

One of the first venues to start the bar trend in Moscow was the place called Luch. At some point of time this was the number one pre-party place in Moscow. All the right people had to start their Friday night there. People weren’t really dancing here, but rather walking around or standing in front of one of the longest bar tables in Moscow listening to the coolest DJs in town. Some were just relaxing in the couches at the tables.

At some point of time the famous Russian designer Denis Simachev decided to open a bar on the first floor of his boutique and named it Simachev Bar. In my opinion this particular place brought the whole upscale bar culture in Moscow to the new level. The atmosphere was relaxed, people were dancing all night long and the music was funky.

I think that Luch and the Simachev Bar at some point of time managed to attract the best crowd in Moscow and inspire a lot of people.

Continuing with the night bar scene, there is a piece of land in the downtown area of Moscow surrounded by the Moscow River also refered to as the Strelka area. This super expensive and exclusive location has been occupied by the confectionary production plant called “Krasniy Oktiabr” (Red October) since the Soviet times. Right now the production plant is not functioning and it was acquired together with the land by one private organization. The general plan of that organization is to destroy the production plant and build a super elite real estate complex there. According to the latest information this process is going to start in 2013.

Meanwhile this area has already become the party mecca of Moscow. Initially it was just Rai club that was functioning there. Several years ago this venue was on the top list for the right crowd. Then, about two years ago the place called Rolling Stone Bar opened nearby. You could see that this place didn’t have a lot of money invested in it, but it managed to attract the right crowd with the atmosphere, music and a huge veranda on top of the building overlooking the Moscow River.

Today, there are several other venues with the similar bar concept located next door to the Rolling Stone Barincluding the Progressive Daddy, Bar Belka and Bar Gipsy. The prices for the drinks and table fees at all these bars are similar to the top clubs I have mentioned in the beginning (well, maybe a little more reasonable).