The Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival will be celebrating its 10th year of its spectacular live entertainment in February 2012 at the Dubai Festival City.

The festival will offer a relaxing ambience and comfortable seating, alongside specially created Food and Beverage Zone by InterContinental Hotel at the Dubai Festival City.

Dubai Festival City will serve as new home for the 10th edition of Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival, with an outstanding line-up of legends and stars focusing on specially designed, acoustically enhanced venue for 9 days from 14th February to 22th February 2013.

The event offers five nights of live jazz gigs, wherein fans get to enjoy a range of unique performances by legends and contemporary performers and musicians. There will be a total of fifteen acts that share the best of repertoires, hailing from multi-cultural backgrounds with varied influences.

The Jazz Garden theme in 2012 will highlight the traits of the Italian Jazz bands, while the second and third shows will involve performances by international jazz artists.

There will be a total of 3 concerts per night, with 27 live shows performed over 9 nights. The tickets will be sold at the door for Dh.100, while entry is free for online registries.


For main Gigs Nights: Doors open at 6pm
For Jazz Garden Nights: Doors open at 7pm
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Dubai is known as the land of multicultural population and the best way to amalgamate these different cultures is music. The increasing number of music festivals held in Dubai is the live example of the effort being made to bring all the diverse cultures together. Recently, it was felt that the Jazz market was quite ignored and special initiatives are required for the revival of Jazz music. It took two years of thorough research to come up with the project with the theme of ‘Much more than jazz’. This became the foundation stone of the Dubai Jazz Festival that is now held every year.

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