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Top 10 Things to Do in Rome

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The Pantheon Constructed to honor all pagan gods, this best preserved temple of ancient Rome was rebuilt in the 2nd century AD by Emperor Hadrian, and to him much of the credit is due for the perfect dimensions: 141Read more

Top 10 Museums in Rome

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Musei Capitolini None other than the great Michelangelo would suffice to design the master plan for Rome’s own collection of art and archaeological museums, which enticingly crown the Capitoline Hill. The museum is divided into two wings: Palazzo Nuovo,Read more

Top 10 Churches in Rome

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St. Peter’s Basilica Every year, millions of pilgrims flock to the world’s most important Catholic church, as art lovers marvel at Michelangelo’s cupola, Bernini’s papal altar, and the vast nave. The burial site of its namesake, St. Peter’s tookRead more

Tips of Walking Tour of Rome’s Baroque Quarter

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The most important clue to the Romans is their baroque art—not its artistic technicalities, but its spirit. When you understand that, you’ll no longer be a stranger in Rome. Flagrantly emotional, heavily expressive, and sensuously visual, the 17th-century artisticRead more

Tips of Trastevere: The Village Within the City

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Charming, cobblestoned Trastevere might be nicknamed the world’s third-smallest nation (after the Vatican, No. 2). Staunchly resisting the tides of change for centuries, the off-the-beaten-path district was known—until the millionaires and chichi real estate agents arrived a decade ago—asRead more

Tips of Walking Tour of The Roman Forum

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Taking in the famous vista of the Roman Forum from the terraces of the Capitoline Hill, you have probably already cast your eyes down and across two millennia of history in a single glance. Here, in one fabled panorama,Read more

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