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Money Advice in Moscow

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Money Advice in Moscow Whereas most Westerners prefer to rely on their flexible friend for payments and feel ill-at-ease with a wallet chock-full of notes, Russians feel quite the opposite. As you will see from the information below, thereRead more

Moscow Travelling

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Moscow Travelling By air Sheremetyevo is the main airport for Moscow and is the one you’re most likely to arrive at. Don’t hold your breath: built for the 1980 Olympic Games, Sheremetyevo is now groaning under the weight ofRead more

Moscow Tips for Visitors

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Moscow Tips for Visitors Here are a few things to bear in mind for your trip to Moscow. First of all, be prepared! Moscow is not the easiest place to be a tourist and if you don’t take aRead more

Top 10 Moscow Attractions

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Russia’s capital is experiencing a burst of creative energy. Factories and warehouses are now edgy art galleries. Foodies flock to a variety of bars, and night owls enjoy a dynamic nightlife.  Moscow’s history cannot be ignored, and it hasRead more

Amazing Moscow Metro

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The first line of the Moscow subway was opened in 1935 so it’s older stations located inside the ring line resemble the history museums of the soviet era with their marble walls and bronze statues. For example the stationRead more

Moscow Strip Clubs

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Here we’ll provide you with an overview of the Moscow strip clubs. As you probably know there are a lot of beautiful women in Russia. Moscow attracts them from the various parts of the country. For some of theseRead more

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