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Las Vegas

Best Golf Courses in Las Vegas

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With an average of 315 days of sunshine a year and year-round access, Las Vegas’s top sport is golf. The peak season is any nonsummer month; only mad dogs and Englishmen are out in the noonday summer sun. However,Read more

Las Vegas Car Travel Tips

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Though you can get around central Las Vegas adequately without a car, the best way to experience the city can be to drive it. A car gives you easy access to all the casinos and attractions; lets you makeRead more

Air Travel to Las Vegas

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Flying times to Las Vegas: from New York, five hours; from Dallas, two hours; from Chicago, four hours; from Los Angeles, one hour; from San Francisco, 1½ hours. If you’re leaving Las Vegas on a Sunday, be sure toRead more

Las Vegas City Itineraries

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If you only have a couple of hours to burn, head to Mandalay Bay at the south end of the Strip. Chill out in Red Square’s vodka cooler, where the bar doubles as a block of ice. You canRead more

Specialty Bars in Las Vegas

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Since the desires of many visitors run far beyond the standard sinful troika of sex, alcohol, and gambling, the powers that be have been kind enough to provide settings for the more exotically inclined. Bowling, anyone?: Red Rock Lanes.Read more

Best Wedding Places in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas wedding chapels: They’re cute and white. They’re flowers and neon and love ever after (or at least until tomorrow’s hangover). They’re also mighty quick, once you get that marriage license. Clark County Marriage License Bureau. A no-waitRead more

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