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The creativity of Turkish Towel Company

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Despite the strong competitions amongst the firms, some companies manage to reduce their cost to the minimal level to enjoy greater profits although by providing their customers with surprisingly lower price. Same is the case with the Turkish TowelRead more

Find Best Hotels In Istanbul With The Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

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ISTANBUL HOTELS WITH LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED! Looking for a hotel? We’ve got just the place. Book a room now – for holiday travel, a business trip or weekend escape – at one of our top hotels. For all the reasonsRead more

Istanbul Aquarium, a Spectacular Tourist Attraction

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Istanbul Aquarium (Istanbul Akvaryum) is a worthy destination to spend half a day if you wish to explore and literally submerge yourself in sea life. Or if you simply want to have an extraordinary touristic visit, besides the regularRead more

Top 5 Markets in Istanbul

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Every week in Istanbul more than 200 markets (pazar) are set. This is an old tradition that comes from the Ottoman times. Markets in Turkey offer more than fruit and vegetables. You can find almost anything in the marketsRead more

Mosque Structure and What to Look for inside the Mosque

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When you visit Istanbul it is inevitable that you will hear the call for prayer five times a day. The minarets of the mosques all around the city are equipped with loudspeakers to invite and remind the community thatRead more

Top 10 Outdoor Cafes in Istanbul

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What are the best places in Istanbul to sit outside and relax I’m often asked. Well, here’s my top ten. Some of the places in this article offer you a chance to experience history and mysticim, others offer anRead more

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