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10 Must-Try Nights in Dubai

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Dance on a beach Love it or hate it, Barasti (or Bar-Nasti as it is often referred to with affection), is both Dubai’s most notorious and most popular bar. Watch as grins spread widely across your visitors’ faces asRead more

Top 10 Shopping Centers in Dubai

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Mall of the Emirates It’s not just a mall, it’s an entire shopping resort! Opened in 2005, Mall of the Emirates boasts to be the ultimate destination in Dubai for shopping, leisure and entertainment. After you’ve perused the 466Read more

Things To Do in Dubai

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Camel racing A trip to the camel races arranged during the winter months could prove very memorable for visitors to Dubai. The race tracks located on the fringe of the city, hosts races that are exciting, apart from offeringRead more

Dress Tips for Dubai Visitors

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Dubai and UAE have varying degrees of tolerance to clothing styles from across the world. Nevertheless, dress code in Dubai is quite liberal, in comparison to several other states in the Middle East. There are legal guidelines about whatRead more

Average Cost of Vacationing in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the greatest vacation destinations and among the top choices of one and all looking to spend their holidays, not only in a Middle East nation, but around the world. Dubai Vacation Packages too, have beenRead more

Most Famous Landmarks and Destinations in Dubai

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Al Bastakiya Being one of the oldest residential areas in Dubai, Al Bastakiya is named after the ‘Bastak’ region of Iran, the origin of several emigrated residents. Located along the Dubai Creek, it includes narrow lanes and wind towersRead more

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