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One Direction Tickets and Concert Dates 2013

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One Direction are perhaps the most eagerly awaited X Factor act of all time. Teen magazines have been unprecedentedly barraged by fan-mail for months, TV studios mobbed by screaming girls and radio stations overwhelmed. One Direction released their hugelyRead more

Elton John Tickets and Concert Dates 2013

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Sir Elton John is undeniably one of the biggest pop stars of all time. His seemingly effortless musical skill and flamboyant style propelled him to superstardom in the ’70s, and he has managed to retain his overwhelming popularity–producing topRead more

Leonard Cohen Tickets and Concert Dates

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Citing W.B Yeats, Irving Layton and Walt Whitman as literary influences Cohen first shot to the forefront of the music industry in the 60’s and has remained a majorly inspirational talent and contributor to the industry since he firstRead more

Taylor Swift Tickets and Concert Dates

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Taylor Swift has been singing all her life, motivated by her grandmother, who was a professional opera singer. She began performing locally around her town and county at the age of ten, and at age 11 sang the nationalRead more

Lady Gaga Tour Dates and Concert Tickets 2013

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Glamorously gaudy, a self-made post-modern diva stitched together from elements of Madonna, David Bowie, and Freddie Mercury, Lady Gaga was the first true millennial superstar. Mastering the constant connection of the internet era, Gaga generated countless mini sensations throughRead more

Depeche Mode Tour Dates and Concerts Tickets 2013

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After starting out in the mid-80s, Depeche Mode quickly found their individuality with a dark, electro sound that propelled them to global success. Their first hit single Just Can’t Get Enough made it to the Top 10 in 1981 andRead more

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