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Contacts & Resources Tips for Barcelona (Part 3)

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Tipping A certain gallantry keeps Spanish service workers from seeming to care about your small change, but waiters and other service people expect to be tipped, and you can be sure that your contribution will be appreciated. On theRead more

Contacts & Resources Tips for Barcelona (Part 2)

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Money Barcelona has long been Spain’s most expensive city, but prices are still lower than they are an hour north across the French border. Coffee in a bar generally costs €1.30 (standing) or €1.50 (seated). Beer in a bar:Read more

Contacts & Resources Tips for Barcelona (Part 1)

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Communications Internet Internet access via Wi-Fi is available in all virtually Barcelona hotels. In addition, many cafés and bars are Internet hot spots and have signs indicating it in their windows. Easy Internet Café near the top of theRead more

About Barcelona

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Barcelona Festivals Carnaval dances through Barcelona in February just before Lent, most flamboyantly in Sitges, though Barcelona’s Carnestoltes are also wild and colorful. Semana Santa (Holy Week), the week before Easter, is Spain’s most important celebration everywhere but Barcelona,Read more

Train Travel Tips for Barcelona

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International overnight trains to Barcelona arrive from many European cities, including Paris, Grenoble, Geneva, Zurich, and Milan; the route from Paris takes 11½ hours. Almost all long-distance trains arrive at and depart from Estació de Sants, though many makeRead more

Car Travel Tips for Barcelona Visitors

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Major routes throughout Spain bear heavy traffic, especially in peak holiday periods, so be extremely cautious. Spain’s roads are shared by a mixture of local drivers, Moroccan immigrants traveling between northern Europe and northern Africa, and non-Spanish travelers onRead more

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