Dubai as a holiday resort is the best location for tourists offering a huge variety of Tours in Dubai in world-class resorts with unprecedented luxury. A truly exotic ‘desert location’ Dubai has invested in serious projects to make this a hugely attractive arena for visitors to its shores.
What makes Dubai truly innovative is its thinking ‘outside the box’ not only looking at its amazing climate and what it can do to make use of the beautiful desert and fantastic coast line, but also adding other unique projects unexpected in the Middle East such as the famous indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai,  which has become hugely successful to visitors and residents alike.

Deep-Sea Fishing

From Hammour and Shari to Barracuda and Sailfish, Dubai has it all.  Enjoy the delights of a 3 hour deep-sea fishing tour off the coastal waters of this Emirate.  Departing from the Dubai Marina, these adventurous fishing trips are captained by certified staff with years of experience in the Arabian Gulf waters.
Desert & Mountain Safaris / Sand Skiing / Camel Trekking
Desert and mountain safaris are a must to do whilst in Dubai. Only in the desert do you get a true feel of the old Dubai with its everlasting sand dunes and undulating view. Desert safaris are available either overnight, or late afternoon-evening and both include a thrilling ride in four-wheel drive vehicles, with experienced drivers. Forget any ride experience you’ve had in a Disney Park, this is a breath taking experience sliding down the sand dunes sideways and bouncing over the dunes. After this, experience the desert camp where an Arabian barbeque and drinks are served. Belly dancing, henna painting and camel rides are all available here and make for great photo opportunities.
Also try sand skiing available for every one of all ages. No chance of hurting yourself here, as the impact is on soft sand and is a great experience and great fun. Camel Trekking gives you the chance to experience the desert on a more personal level experiencing the desert vegetation and desert insect life. For a true desert experience, there are an array of tours available.
Dhow Creek and Dinner Cruises
Dubai Creek is the place to launch from for a fab evening meandering up the Creek whilst being wined and dined on the Dhow Cruises available here. There’s a variety of cruises to choose from with some offering entertainment (traditional belly dancing) whilst watching the sunset over the creek and being tempted by the good food and wine on offer.
Flyin’ High Over Dubai
Fancy a helicopter ride over the Emirate, experiencing amazing skyline of this beautiful city as well as the full sight of the 8th Wonder of the World, The Palm Jumeirah Island,as well as the amazing landscape of the city jewel rising from the desert. Alternatively, for around 700AED (($200 approx) how about taking a ride in a sea plane over Dubai, in a Cessna Caravan 208? Experience the sites of Dubai for up to 7 people in your own air-conditioned comfort with fantastic photo opportunities.
For the more adventurous, and for less cost than you would imagine, a tandem parachute jump (or a solo jump for the more experienced) can be arranged – not for the faint of heart, but with all year round sunshine, the opportunities for this type of thrill are very rarely halted due to bad weather!
Full of Hot Air

Explore the pleasant surroundings with a tranquil ride in a hot air balloon at sunrise.  Choose between the amazing views of the red desert sand dunes situated between Dubai and Hatta near Fossil Rock, or the picturesque views of “New Dubai” .  Both are a quite an experience to behold.  It is important to note, that this tour is not available during the summer months.

Ice Café
Chillout Ice Café is an experience not to be missed. Almost everything at the restaurant is sculpted out of ice. Diners sit on ice benches or chairs, eat at ice tables, out of ice plates and drink from ice glasses served from a bar made of ice. Warm clothing is provided for a nominal cover charge (which includes a drink) and cold cuts, cheese, juices, ice creams are just some of the delicious fare available here.
It’s a bone-dry chilling experience, no wet or dripping areas as the whole café is at a freezing minus 6 degrees. So experience the baking desert and the chill-out zone in one day, here in Dubai.
Museums & Mosques
Showing all cultural aspects of the area, come and see the Mosques and Museums of the area displaying and preserving the history of the Emirates and way of life that is fast diminishing as Dubai opens its door to tourism. Mosques will always be a source of wonder as the key place for Muslim worship and the call to prayer echoing out over the Dubai rooftops several times a day. The Jumeirah Grand Mosque houses the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding where visitors can learn more about the life and religion of this beautiful Emirate.
Specializing in everything from Spices and Incense to Gold and Diamonds and duty free shopping the Souks are a fascinating insight into Old Dubai. Souks are typically market areas that specialize in one particular commodity.
If you want to venture into another Emirate literally 20 minutes away from Dubai, Sharjah is another great find for ethnic crafts, locally made rugs and gorgeous bric-a-brac imported from Asia or from other areas of the Middle East. Try the Blue Souk and The Heritage Souk in Sharjah for that little taste of authentic Arabia.
Wildlife Sanctuaries
Wildlife sanctuaries are becoming hugely important in this area especially with the building projects in progress. Preserving the local wildlife yet making it accessible to visitors is of prime concern and so sanctuaries maintain the eco-friendly balance required. Ras Al Khor is a wetland reserve renowned for attracting migratory birds in large numbers. With many bird-watch hides here now it’s a great place to view the local birdlife. The Sharjah Breeding Centre is doing important work in maintaining the rare Arabian leopard populace. With Al Sammaliah Island, Sîr Banî Yâs, Sea Palace, Rawdat al-Reef, Al Jarf area (Hizam Al Ghabat), Bida Khalifa and Ghantoot are just some of the protected areas worth a visit to see the wildlife flourishing here.  A wide variety of Falconry packages are also available.
Bus tour

The famous London Double-Decker Bus is now the most interesting way to see Dubai.   Enjoy a soft drink whilest drinking in all Dubai’s magnificent sites, on this popular sight-seeing tour.